Ever dreamt of an adventure combining the thrill of travel with the power to make a difference? Buckle up, because Minhaj Welfare Foundation (MWF) is taking you on a life-changing trip to Pakistan.

For 35 years, we’ve been committed to battling hunger, disasters, and the absence of resources while championing social justice with the power of compassion and development projects.

Now we’re unveiling our state-of-the-art flagship project which is an enhanced version of our renowned AGHOSH (Orphan Care Home). It is an Orphan Care Complex designed to provide love and care to vulnerable children. And guess what? We want YOU to see it all first-hand!

Hold on tight because we’ve got so much more in store for you! From landmark visits to leisure and recreational activities, your journey will be filled with unforgettable moments and pure joy. It’s a golden opportunity to explore the wonders of Pakistan, immerse yourself in its rich culture, and see firsthand how your generosity can transform lives.

Key Information

October 26th till November 1st 2024


For more information please see the Brochure

“The deployment for me was a life changing experience, it gave me an insight into the work MWF had been doing but getting involved and seeing hands on where money is being spent and seeing results. It was an eye opener to see the different projects MWF was involved in and a lot of work MWF had been doing which we weren’t aware of.”

Zain Jerry S

“Something that is very important to me is making sure every person has at least one meal a day. It is such a big accomplishment to see that MWF is able to feed 2000 meals every single day – and the story of how it all began is beautiful. All it takes is one person to have a vision.”

Kaynat Altaf

“It was very life changing. Put a lot of things in perspective and helped me appreciate the life that I live and all the blessings I have alhamdulillah. Would recommend everyone to come on a deployment to see where their donations are going.”

Sabheen Iqbal

“The deployment was truly heartwarming. After fundraising all these years to be able to be on the ground and see the projects firsthand was a proud moment”

Muzammel Rafiq

“It was a great lifetime experience beyond my expectations. Allows me to spend time with MWF champions delivering quality services to the needy and destitute communities”


Sabrina Hafeez


What is the minimum age for this deployment? 

  • You must be 18 years or older to be able to join this deployment.

What is the fundraising target for the deployment?

  • You will need to fundraise a minimum of £5,000 before travelling to Pakistan. 

Do we pay for the flights and/or accommodation? 

  • There is a £200 registration fee that all deployees are required to pay, this will cover accommodation and travel within Pakistan. 
  • If deployees wish to book their own flights they are fine to do so considering it is in line with the dates provided by MWF and so will only need to pay the registration fee of £200. 
  • If deployees would like MWF to purchase the flights they will pay £800 for the early bird discount or £1,000, this will include the registration fee.

What if I am unable to meet the fundraising target? 

  • Please do get in touch if you are struggling to meet the target and please refer to the tips in the deployment pack, we are more than happy to provide support to our deployees. 
  • If you are unable to reach your fundraising target in time, you will be moved to our next deployment to Pakistan. 

Do I need travel insurance? 

  • Yes you will need to purchase your own travel insurance which is to include health Insurance.

Is it safe to travel to Pakistan? 

  • We are constantly assessing the situation, if for any reason there is cause for concern, we will postpone the deployment as your safety is paramount. 

Can I bring my family? 

  • Yes, your family can join you, but they must register and follow the sign up procedure and must be 18 or over. 

What do I need to bring with me to this deployment? 

  • We will inform the deployees of the items they are required to bring closer to the deployment date.

Will I need a visa to visit Pakistan? 

  • If you have a British passport you will need to apply for a visa beforehand,  which can be done online
  • For all other cases please refer to the local laws. 
  • If you have a valid NADRA/NICOP Card you will not need a visa

What are the COVID rules for travelling to Pakistan? 

  • There are no COVID-19 vaccination requirements for travellers entering Pakistan. 

What vaccines do I need to travel to Pakistan? 

  • You will need to visit your GP who will then advise you which vaccines you need. Please let them know you will be visiting Lahore. 

What are the accommodation arrangements and if I am travelling alone, will I have to share a room?

  • MWF will be arranging the accommodation for all the days you will be with us. The rooms will be shared, two people per room.

Can I arrange my own accommodation? 

  • No, all accommodation arrangements within Pakistan will be arranged by MWF during the deployment. 

Can I extend my stay in Pakistan? 

  • You are more than welcome to extend your stay in Pakistan post deployment to explore the country, visit family etc however deployees will have to book the same inbound flight as MWF will be arranging transport within Pakistan.  

How will we be able to communicate with our families and with the deployment Team?

  • Many of the locations and accommodations will have WIFI however we cannot guarantee that all will, so MWF will provide a local sim to all deployees.  
  • You will be accompanied by an MWF team member at all times. 

Can I bring gifts to distribute in Pakistan to beneficiaries?

  • We do not allow for gifts to be distributed at our projects as all gift giving exercises are managed by the local team who ensure all beneficiaries are treated fairly. If you would like to sponsor a gift-giving exercise, please do get in touch with us
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Minhaj Welfare Foundation will contact me regarding my deployment application. I agree to creating a fundraising link for Minhaj Welfare Foundation I understand that if I am unable to reach the fundraising target, I will be moved to the next deployment. I consent to the capture of images, films and audio recordings that include myself which Minhaj Welfare Foundation reserves the right to use for marketing purposes. Minhaj Welfare Foundation has the right to remove me from the deployment, should any issues arise. Minhaj Welfare Foundation reserves the right to amend or postpone the deployment. I will comply with the values and policies of the charity. I consent to getting a DBS check done.