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Minhaj Welfare Foundation is excited to launch our #GlobalQiraatComptition – IQRA as part of our #Ramadan2022 Campaign

To reignite the love of the Holy Quran and to raise awareness and funds for Tehfeez-ul-Quran Minhaj Welfare Foundation brings you IQRA – a Global Qiraat Competition. Through this competition we will highlight the work Minhaj Welfare Foundation is doing with student’s who are aspiring to become Hafiz of The Holy Quran.

The competition will be held online and anyone from the ages of 8-30 can participate. There will be two age groups junior ages 8-14 and senior ages 15-30.

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Video Submission Guidelines

Contestants to submit videos by

  • No mics
  • No recording of Mehfils
  • Neutral Background
  • Face must be in video
  • Niqaab can be used
  • Introduce yourself in the video
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Age 8-14 years

Any Surahs

Age 15-30 years

Selected Surahs Only

  • Ar-Rahman (55) – Ayahs 1-13
  • Al-Muzzamil (73) – Ayahs 1-15


Real nourishment of a child depends on development of his spiritual, mental, and physical abilities and this is attained by creating a harmonious blend of suitable environments, state of the art training and appropriate guidance. At Tehfeez we aim to prepare children for intellectual and social knowledge by imparting quality education coupled with character building.

Minhaj Institute of Tehfeez since its establishment aims at a mode of education not commercialized; but, to furnish academic ventures to the kith & kins of un-documentary parent’s victim of vicious circle due to financial crunch. With this spirit, we serve as beacon to disperse voluntary education to the masses at large on humanitarian bases. Considering this very fact, MIQT educational character-building system would promote message of love, peace, tolerance, brotherhood, forgiveness, and good deeds in society by our students.

It is indeed a matter of pleasure that we are leading towards educational progress in Pakistan which is essential for the creation of progressive, democratic, societies and glorious nation. MIQT’s focus on career formation of a student and infuse in him the urge to accomplish hallmark in is the way to glorious success. Thus, earning bread & butter by way of having studious, industrious brain network with the concept to inculcate in society the spirit of devotion, dedication, commitment, humanity, faith, and discipline.

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