Month of Shaban 2022

Shaban is the eighth month of the Islamic year. This is because Holy Prophet PBUH himself used to pray a lot, offers nawafil and fasts regularly in this month, as is narrated in the hadiths. As it is narrated in the hadiths, there is also a blessed night in this month which is called ‘Shab-e-Baraat’.

Shaban 2022

When is Shab-e-barat 2022

Also known as Bara’at Night, Mid Shaban, The Night of Records, The Night of Fortune and Forgiveness, Shab e-Barat is a blessed night observed on the 14th night of Sha’aban.

Shab e Barat in UK/US/CA is 17th and 18th Mar 2022 (14th – 15th Shaban 1443 AH). In Islam, there are several Islamic events that have their own significance. However, Shab e Barat is also among the holiest event in Islam.

Significance of Shaban

It was in the middle of the month of Shaban when Muslims believe that God ordered Prophet Mohammed to change the Qiblah, the direction towards which Muslims face when they pray, from Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem to the Holy Kaabah in Mecca.

Shaban 2022

Hazrat Usama bin Zayd (RA) said, O Messenger of Allah! I have not seen you fasting in any month more than the month of Sha’ban! The Prophet (PBUH) said, “This is the month between Sha’baan, Rajab and Ramadaan, which people are unaware of, while in this month the deeds of the people are presented before Allah (SWT), and I like that when my deeds being sent (before Allah (SWT)) I am fasting (Hadith).

Best Fast After Ramadan

Respected Anas (RA) narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) was asked, “Which one is the best fast after Ramadan? The Prophet (PBUH) said,” The fast that is observed in the month of Shaban”. (Hadith). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to fast for most of Sha’ban, but (almost) for the whole month. (Hadith)

It is a blessed night, the virtue of which is proved by many hadiths. The word ‘Shab’ means ‘night’ and Barat is the Arabic word, which means ‘redemption’.

According to the hadith, since mercy and blessings of Allah is on the rise this night, Almighty’s salvation, salvation and deliverance from the torment of Hell is obtained, therefore the name of this night became known as ‘Shab-e-Baraat’. 

There is no specific name for this night in the hadith, but its virtue has been described by saying Laylat al-Nasaf min Sha’ban (لیلۃ النصف من شعبان ), that is, the middle night of Sha’ban.

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Shaban 2022

Looking for the moon in Shaban

The Prophet (PBUH) said: For Ramadan, keep counting the days of the month of Shaban. (Tirmidhi: 1) It is necessary that if the moon of Ramadan appears at the end of Sha’ban, then the fast of Ramadan can be observed from the next day, but if the moon does not appear on that day when the information is clear, then the fast will not be observed in the morning.

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