When is Muharram 2021

The New Islamic Year 1443 Hijri will commence with the start of the blessed month of Muharram 2021. Depending on the location and sighting of the moon. Tentatively, Muharram 2021 will fall on Monday, August 9, 2021, or Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

Muharram 2021: meaning and significance

Besides marking the start of the Islamic year in its first month, Muharram is one of the four sacramentally important months in the Islamic calendar. As Allah Almighty Says in the Holy Quran:

“Indeed, the number of months, according to Allah’s decree, is twelve months. It is (laid down) in Allah’s Book, since the day He created the heavens and the earth. Out of them, four (Dhu al-Qa‘da, Dhu al-Hijja, Muharram and Rajab) are sacred.” (Quran 9-36)

As mentioned in the Holy Quran above, these four months are Dhul-Qadah, Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram and the Rajab. The Holy Prophet PBUH said in his last sermon on Hajj, and it is evident in a Hadith below:

“The year is made up of twelve months, out of which four are sacred: Dhul-Qadah, Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram and Rajab.”(Sahih Bukhari)

Four Blessed Months

The Prophet PBUH confirms Muharram’s sanctity in these words. These four months are specifically mentioned, but that does not imply other Islamic months lack their own sacredness.

In fact, we all know that Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year. In addition, Allah Almighty has chosen a particular time for His special blessings, and these four months are among them. A Muslim can get the maximum benefit from Allah’s blessings during these four months.

In its literal sense, ‘Muharram’ means forbidden. War or any act of violence during this month is prohibited, as it is during the other sacred months.

Fasting during Muharram

In fact, Muharram has been sacred since before the time of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Earlier, it was mandatory to fast on the 10th of Muharram. After Ramadan, fasting became mandatory only during Ramadan, and fasting on 10th Muharram was made optional. According to Respected Ayesha (R.A), the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Whoever wishes to fast (on the day of ‘Ashura’) may do so; and whoever wishes to leave it can do so.” (Sahih Bukhari: 1592)

In light of following Hadith, Muharram fasts are the most rewarded of the optional (Nafli) fasts.

“The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said: “The best fasting after the month of Ramadan is the month of Allah, Al-Muharram.” (An-Nasai: 1613)

According to the hadith, fasting the whole month of Muharram is not necessary to be awarded Muharram’s fasts. Fasting this month is a virtue in itself. During this blessed month, one should take advantage of this opportunity and fast as much as possible.

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Ashura (10th of Muharram)

The 10th day of Muharram is known as Ashura and is one of the holiest days in Islam. As the Holy Prophet PBUH arrived in Madinah, he fasted on the day of Ashura and told the Muslims to do the same. Nevertheless, when the Ramadan fasts were made obligatory, fasting on this day was made optional. In spite of this, many authentic Hadiths state that fasting on Ashura day is part of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

Muharram is an important and holy month for every Muslim and with all of its complexity, it will always be a month of deep reflection for Muslims across the world.

As with the regular New Year, one should make resolutions to become a better Muslim at the start of the Islamic New Year. To become a better Muslim and a better person, you can set small goals for yourself. Goals can be both spiritual and social. Your relationship with Allah can be strengthened by practising Dhikr and Duas regularly and helping other Muslim people. Allah Almighty rewards all good deeds.

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