Members and volunteers of Minhaj Welfare Foundation walk through difficult mountainous terrain to reach out to communities in need.

As part of Minhaj Welfare Foundation’s winter campaign; #EmbracetheirChill, members and volunteers of MWF Pakistan walked through difficult terrains to reach marginalised communities affected by the severe cold weather.

The MWF team distributed essential winter kits including: blankets, food parcels, warm clothing, shelter packs to the poor and disadvantaged families living in the Northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir. The MWF team travelled to almost 20 different locations, supporting nearly 10,000 people with life-saving aid ensuring that families in particular; children, women and the elderly will be able to survive the cold weather.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation would like to thank its supporters, donors and those who have supported our #EmbracetheirChill campaign, however more people are in need.

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